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T-Rack Elite

T-Rack Elite
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Price: $145.00
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Model: t-rack

The T-rack elite is a polyurethane expansion model that is light and extremely sturdy. It is designed for the traveling athlete or for the person who wants to take it to work, etc.

The racks shape is designed to reverse the poor postures we find ourselves in from day to day. These postures are worsened when we drive the car, sit at the computer, and lounge around at home.

What does it do?

  • Stretches the anterior muscles of the chest and shoulders, that are deemed short and often inflexible due to poor posture
  • Mobilises the thoracic spine, hence increasing your ability to extend through this crucial area.
  • Helps to increase flexibility in the pelvic region, allowing anterior rotation. This improves the upper body’s ability to achieve a mechanically efficient posture.

Poor posture is becoming a real problem in modern day life, and elite athletes are certainly not exempt from the related issues that postural changes can cause. Without the correct amount of thoracic extension, the spine is restricted, ultimately contributing to injuries and areas of greater stress. Even the accumulative effects of sitting poorly, or some would say sitting at all, can contribute to postural related injuries, and often effect the efficiency of the way the body responds to work loads.

Same as a Swiss Ball? NO!!  A Swiss Ball will conform to your stiff spine, not mobilising the stiff portions but actually hypermobilising the already mobile portions.  When using the T-Rack, your stiff spine has to conform to the shape of the T-Rack, which is designed at the physiological angle of yourThoracic Spine  - approximately 30 degrees.

Download our Using The T-Rack Guide (.pdf format ~95KB)

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